Friday, August 5, 2011


Las Vegas here we come! We first went to Las Vegas on our way to California. Driving threre was long, we were a little over halfway there and I looked at the gas tank and it was almost empty so I say to Nick that we should probably stop and get some gas, but he said " I think that we can make it" so I didnt worry about it until we see the light go off saying we are empty, now we really start to look for stops with any gas station, but no luck, we decide to get off on the next exit thinking that maybe we woulod be able to find something; twenty min. later we find something, just in time, definetly luck. Now were on our way, when we get to the hotel in Las Vegas and get out of the car, its sooo hot and humid, not exactly what I was expecting, but we didn't do much, just walk the strip and look around, the next day we would be driving to California. Getting out of Las Vegas was a nightmare, the traffic was horrible and people were just rude. But when we finally got to California we were able to relax and have fun. When we were there we spent some time at the beach, we went to Disneyland, and drove around to see some things. We just had the best time there and enjoyed ourselves a lot.

Right before we left for Vegas, so excited to drive together as a married couple.

The Apartment/hotel room that we stayed in while we were in California.

The beach later at night, we tried to catch the sunset, I guess it sets faster there.

Our time at Disneyland, the lady was very nice to take our picture for us.

Going into California Adventures, very pretty.

Another newlywed couple took our photo and we took theirs. Mickey ferris wheel in the back, doesn't look that scary, but it sure was.

Ah, my favorite ride. All I have to say is, if you have not gone on it yet, GO!! find out for yourself how fun it is. I'm not kidding.

Princess land in the background, Nick didn't want to go, so I said we at least need a picture.

Were having fun before we enter the world most horrible ride ever!!

Some janitor guy decided to amuse the croud and look at what a good artist he is, its goofy!

Our beach trip. We spent a day at the beach, looks warm; totally is not! But we had fun laying in the sun and chasing  seagulls away from our chips, and making a sand castle.

our love will last for eternity!!