Wednesday, May 15, 2013

5 wonderful months

O my gosh 5 months already, really? O but they have been such wonderful months, so much fun watching my beautiful daughter from Heavenly Father grow. She is such a joy and wonderful little spirit in our lives and truely makes me feel complete. She has grown so much is this last month I can't believe it. She is now rolling to both sides, sits up basically on her own, makes really loud noises, loves the pool, eats carrots, sweet potatoes, and corn, loves putting everything in her mouth, loves kicking her feet (especially in the saucer), and is now laughing more than ever, so cute! I just can't believe she is not the tiny baby I had 5 months ago, NO I am not baby hungry...yet but even though sometimes it is hard, I love every minute of it, being a mommy is the greatest thing in the world, I couldn't ask for a better job. 
I love you baby girl!

What do we do...we swim swim swim


Pool time!! This was the first time Lexi has been in a pool, she LOVED it! I would drag her legs in the water as I walked back and forth, which was also a good workout for me. I am so glad she loves the water because I hope we get to go more often this summer. We had such blast with our family, and Lexi liked to splash the water, she even started to laugh. So cute!
When we got home she started to fuss because she was hungry and i'm sure tired from all that hard play. So Emery and Kaven came over to her and started to tickle her feet and talk to her, and she thought this was the funniest thing, she started to laugh a lot. This is th first time she has ever laughed that much.

Just another cute pictures of her cousins getting her to laugh, so precious. Too bad all her cousins are moving away, this is the last time she will see them for a long time :(

Look at me!

So last friday I was getting ready to leave for Delta and I had Lexi next to me on the floor, and I was just doing a section of my hair and I could hear Lexi whinning so I turned and this is where I found her, half way under the bed, O boy I need to start watching her, she is going to be crawling soon, my goodness!

This was right before we went to the pool in Delta, Chillin in her sunglasses she got from Gigi (grandma Linda/ grandma Gee) she totally doesn't take them off, well not really, I think she likes them, everyone else seems to think so.

This was before we put her swimsuit on. She was playing with her toes, which she loves to do now. I painted her toes for the family pictures, we were twiners. She is such a happy baby, we love her.

This is right before we left, we were getting ready to leave. She loves to sit now, so cute, she still has some trouble on the left side but she is doing fabulous! She loves to sit and watch us do things.
We love watching her grow, and her personality shine.


I seriously cannot believe how fast time flys. These past two years have been so wonderful, and I truely am so blest to have a wonderful husband and beautiful daughter. Just a year ago we were in Oregon and now we are one year into Pharmacy school, which Nick has been aceing!
For our two year anniversary we didn't want to do too much, mainly cause we have no money, but we went to Cafe`rio and made homemade brownies with icecream and rented The Hobbit such a good movie. We spent the night together and Lexi gave us the best gift, a quiet night!
I am so greatful for everything we have and all the blessings we have been given. I hope that these next years are as good as these last two.
I love you sweetie, Happy two years!

Cheap entertainment

I don't have to tell you how cute she is, it's right here in front of you.  One night she was really fussy, so we decided to put her in this box, and tada happiness! She was so happy when after. She really loves to sit up now, and since at this time I wasn't able to leave her alone without support this was perfect, I can do things with her being happy, yay!
So much fun

Trying some food...yummy

Ok so I know its been awhile since I have written, I just have been so busy laitly with everything in my life, I have so much to catch up on. So This last month lexi has gotten to eat some new foods, carrots (a favorite), peas (yucky, a hate), sweet potatoes (yummy), and corn (another yummy). We are having so much fun trying new things with her. These pictures as you can tell are when she was trying the yucky stuff. She didn't really like any of it at first either, i'm so glad I got the perfect pictures that captured her exact thoughts.