Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

This Christmas dad asked me what I had wanted for christmas. All I could think of was clothes, since I have lost weight I have been needing some clothes, so when he told me that I could just go shopping, I was excited! Shopping around christmas time is not the funnest thing to do, all the traffic and the parking lots were horrible. But after a couple days of shopping, I was finally done, wrapped everything and have been cleaning up the house for my parents; one of their christmas presents from me. I am so grateful for a lot of things, especially this time of year, I love getting into the whole christmas mood and giving to others. Every year my family does a secret santa and this year we did it for my dad's friend. I love the feeling you get after dropping the presents off at the house, and the smiles on their faces. This year was different than usual, we as always have a family party on christmas eve but this year it was at uncle Jim's house which by the way is beautiful and so full of love. The grandparents are getting too old and have for the past two years been leaving real early. Great grandma Bowen is still here with us and it was a pleasure to spend it here with her. Christmas day as usual we wake up, dad and mom make breakfast and we eat it before we open presents. Right after we open our presents and get ready to go to grandpa Gee's in the back. Our family this year got a new 32" flat screen t.v. which Nathan seems to think is his, since he is always playing his x-box on it. Lindsey's big present was her Mac book, which she seems to enjoy having. I'm getting really excited because Nick seemed to have a great christmas as well with his family although he did not tell me what he got, he is coming up on tue. and wants to show me, so i'm excited to see what he got. I've been counting down the days til he comes, I miss his company and the way he makes me laugh, so I can't wait til tue. Today we got our christmas snow, yesterday we didn't get anything, so i'm glad that it is snowing. So far this break has been good, spending it with family and friends. I'm so grateful for everything I have and can't wait til this new year, and for what it will bring.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Me & Nick

Nickolas Johnson and I met at Snow College fall semester 2010. Both our second year. Nick just came back from an LDS mission in Indiana, which he happen to really love. He loves telling stories about all the great experiences that he went through, and the people that he served. Nick is the youngest of four great boys raised by two wonderful parents, Alan and Paula. He enjoys talking about his family and the fond memories that they have had together. Nick loves doing anything outdoors, hunting being his favorite. When he goes home he likes to hunt rabbits with his brother Brady and his best friend Sam. Nicks is going into Pharmacy, which he after finished up with Snow College will hopefully transfer over to the University of Utah. We have been dating for four great months and i've have the best time of my life, he is such a great guy and I have loved getting to know him better. I was getting ready to leave for Christmas break when Nick had asked me to come home with him to meet his family. As nervous as I was, I just couldn't believe that this was happening and immediately said yes. I was excited to see these wonderful people he always talks about. I had a wonderful two days in Delta with his family, they are so great and I didn't want to leave. But about a couple days after Christmas Nick came up to Salt Lake and spent a day with my family. Even though my family is a little crazy he enjoyed staying here, getting to know my family and then later on it was time to meet the rest of his family. There happend to be a huge winter snow storm and we had to go clear out over to the other side of the valley and even though we left an hour early there was no way we were going to make it on time. The roads were really bad and my car was sliding everywhere, but we finally made it, now to meet the family. I had seen pictures of his brothers families and was so excited to meet them. They made me feel very comfortable and I felt like I fit right in, even though I was really quiet. This has just been such a great adventure I just can't wait to see what more adventures come next. I will keep posting on new things that happen.