Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Our current daily routine

Not that any of you who read this really cares about our daily routine, but I like writing this stuff down so I can look back and remember what we did. And because it is now warm outside and just beautiful everything we've done is now different.

So Lexi has been waking up around 6:30 am since it is spring and that lovely sun hit right about that time. So I usually just let her play in there by herself for half an hour and get up at 7. Then it's breakfast time. We really are not big breakfast people, Nick usually just eats a bowl of cereal, Lexi maybe eats a bite of her waffle, this morning she ate some of Nicks cereal and some of my new favorite Nature Valley breakfast biscuits, and some yogurt. So she kinda just shares with us.
Once we are done with that we start getting ready to go on our 4 mile walk. At about 8:30 we head out, now we live pretty close to the Jordan River Parkway trail so I head over there and go north up the huge hill, down the huge hill and walk and walk and walk until I almost get exhausted and turn around, at about 2 miles. I am going to work up to at least 8 miles hopefully, which means I will be going earlier. So anyway when I get home Lexi is pretty pooped and its about nap time anyway so I put her down for her nap.
Yay it's ME time! So right now I am starting a relaxation time about 20 min. everyday which helps me just get ready for the day and usually I will put on a facial mask, right now it is the Freemans chocolate strawberry clay mask, which can I tell you is absolutely heavenly, if you like chocolate that is. So I will let that dry while I relax then when it is over I will jump in the shower and then I will eat my 1st snack of the day, usually an apple and yogurt or apple and peanut butter, yum my favorite, all while I am watching The Price is Right, or my t.v. show that I didn't get to see the night before. I also am writing my blog write now so if I happen to have the computer I will look at emails facebook yada yada you know the drill.
 Lexi then gets up around 12 depending how tired she is and I will make some lunch. Currently she is liking my turkey dogs which if you haven't tired them just do it, so much better than the beef ones, in my honest opinion. She will eat chicken nuggets sometimes and a string cheese, I usually will give her some applesauce too, and fruit if we have it. I will sometimes eat a salad with bbq tuna or salmon or turkey dogs with mustard and cottage cheese, and one big glass of water, I always have a big glass of water with my meals and snacks, just so I am getting enough water, which right now is about 132 oz. everyday.
After lunch I usually put on Frozen(shocker) or the little mermaid or Nemo which are the ones she likes right now while I clean a part of the house. I probably will write something else of how I keep our house so clean soon. When I am done with that the movie is still playing and Lexi has already started to move to other places in the house so I will go and watch it with her so she finishes it. By the time the movie is over it's time for another snack so I get Lexi some gummies or some fishy crackers. I will eat cottage cheese or some kind of fruit with my water.
Then its playing time again; I will play a little with her and sometimes we will go out play on the playground and get the mail, or go and see the horses which are down the street from us, and we love going to go see them, they seem pretty happy to see us too.
 Time for dinner, now this is the most important meal in our house seeing as that's the only normal meal we get, these are the meals that I plan for, I usually will plan a months worth of meals and its just dinners, so I will make dinner around 5 and we will eat around 6 or 6:30. I will probably do another post and things that we eat for dinner since there is so many different meals. After dinner we will most likely be sitting in front of the t.v. watching something until 8 when Lexi goes to bed. At 8 we will brush her teeth, change her, put her into her pj's, read scriptures, pray, and lay her down. Then it's our time to talk watch a movie or t.v. show or just relax. Then we will be in bed around 10:30 pm until we wake up and start all over again. The cycle that never ends, a good cycle(sometimes.)

Monday, May 12, 2014


So this last weekend was pretty crazy. For those of you who don't know my family traded their old boat in for a newer updated one, actually pretty nice looking. So Saturday my dad wanted to take it out for a test drive to get used to it since it is SO different from the last (not sarcastic.) This boat doesn't have a propeller it has two air things like a jetski. So you think well riding a jetski is a piece of cake, well I tell you it is no piece of cake by all means, this thing has so many different things you need to worry about controlling I couldn't believe it. While we were taking it out it wasn't too bad until we got out of the NO WAKE zone and started going fast, it just sounded so different. My anxiety kept getting worse, all I could think of was bad things, I couldn't help it. Then it stopped like really just turned off, so my dad turned it off and back on; it turned on, then we started heading back to the no wake zone. We were coasting a little bit and thats when the wind started blowing pretty bad, and off agian. I thought my heart stopped, we we're being blown by the wind right into the rock wall. We didn't have anything to help stop it, no control, so in order for us not to crash our new boat into the wall my sister had to jump in with her clothes still on (no bathingsuit on,) she couldn't hold it by herself so my brother jumped in from the back and helped stop it there. O MY GOSH if I wasn't already terrified from the sound it was making earlier. Luckily there was someone else that was coming in, and saw that we were having trouble and came to our rescue. They towed us to the dock, which was such a sweet thing to do, they were trying out their new boat too. After the longest probably 30 min. of my life we decided to pack it up and go home. O Boy was I glad that was over. Hopefully my dad will figure it out before our Lake Powell trip in a month!

Friday, April 25, 2014

New singers worth listening to

This is a little new for me, but I have listened to a few new people that I am LOVING! I would like to share them. 

First is Lucy Hale, ok so not only is she a talented actress but she has a beautiful voice, I will link her video.

Second is Jamie spears. So we all know her older sister Britney, she is well known for pop music, but Jamie has come out with country OMG actually she is really good, course I love any country music but I really mean it she is great!

Third Cassadee Pope. Any of you that have watched the voice know Cassadee she was I think the 3rd seasons winner. I loved her on the show and most of her songs are my favorite.

Fourth is Danielle Bradberry. Also a Voice winner the season after Cassadee and I just love her voice so genuine country I will be listening to her for a long time.

Fifth is Madilyn Bailey. She is so good guys, she sings all the popular songs but usually a lot softer and mostly acousticly which I just love! 

These next ones are youtube singers that sound amazing, I'm always trying to find good music to listen to, for the most part I like listening to everything. 
Alyssa Bernal
Max Schnieder
Boyce  Avenue
Tyler Ward
Sara Niemietz
Michelle Montezeri
Megan Nicole
Alex Goot
Kinna Grannis
Sam Tsui
Christina Grimmie 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Like cheap but stuff that really works?

DIY products that i love.
So I have been trying some diy stuff laity because who has the money to go and buy it? I surely don't.

So fist thing is dry shampoo.

I mixed
1/2 C cocoa powder
2T corn starch
few drops of essential oil (I used peppermint)

Seriously this smells like a york peppermint patty, and it works! This is also a mix for darker hair since I have dark auburn hair it only makes sense. I think it's baby powder instead of cocoa powder for lighter hair. I put this mix into a saved sour cream plastic tub, I put it onto my hair with an old bronzer brush, works like a charm.

Second thing is Beach waves

3t. any type of gel, I used some cheap kind
3t. sea salt
1/2 t. coconut oil
1C water I used hot water to help melt the oil

Mix/shake good in a bottle, I started out in a bowl then transfered it into a mason jar. I put it into a little spray bottle but I suggest getting a bigger one. spray onto either dry or damp hair and tada beachy waves.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Letting you know

So I've decided that life without a computer is not bad, just sad. My computer died on me and the only one we have is Nicks and Nick is gone all the time either work school or ya that's about it but it is all the time. Nick's computer does not upload my photos and he hates when I download things on his computer so I have no editing tools to edit my photos, hence no photos in a really really long time. It also makes me not want to blog cause blogs are not the much fun to read if there are no photos to go with it. However I am going to start blogging about everything, without photos so bare with me, I will try and keep them sweet and short. I am hoping to get a tablet this year for my Birthday/Christmas.

Update of our life: So Lexi is 16 months old on the 15th, I seriously can't tell you how crazy fast that went by, I feel like I blinked and now she is just so old. I love the stage she is in right now, learning so much, personality in full bloom. Nick is almost done with his second and hardest year of pharmacy school, he is doing wonderfully, but I can see the stress it has on him, which is why I am glad its almost over. The third and last year is just rotations so it should be a breeze. As for me I am still LOVING being a mommy and staying home. I have really gotten into makeup and beauty laity so I spend a lot of time looking at reviews on makeup and what kind is the best to get, I absolutely love it and once I get a computer of my own and can upload photos I will start taking pictures and possibly doing tutorials if people are interested. Nick always makes fun of me saying I am always changing what I am interested in, and while that is true I don't really lose interest in the other things, I just like to dabble into everything and want to be able to do everything! I do get bored of things that's probably why I change it up so much.

Things coming up, well we are going to Delta this coming weekend and seriously I couldn't be happier. Last time we went it was for Christmas, I know I know why you ask has it been so long? Well Nick works all weekend so there really has been NO time at all to go, that's why we are so so so excited I might blow up. And it's Easter, yay for Easter things. Mothers day is also coming up Nick got me some way cute shoes, and some clothes that I desperately needed.

Today I am making Hawaiian pork chops with brown rice, peas and a roll. I wish I could put a picture up they look and smell so yummy.

Let me know if you are interested in me putting up pictures or tutorials of my makeup. Til next time

Saturday, January 4, 2014

I have internet again!!!!

It has been way too long and so much has happened. I don't have any pictures yet to put up but I will just let you know how we are doing. So Lexi and I are one year older, and spoiled to death. I got a 13-cup food processor and some black leather boots, Nick also got me my cello string so I could start playing again. A week later Lexi turned one (I can't believe it) she got a new coat and boots from my parents, tons of books from Nicks parents, I made her a quilt from us, and she got another book from friends, and a toy train that she just loves. A week later we went to Delta and had Christmas, I got a huge chopping block for my kitchen, with some oil to oil it down, and a shirt, cute earrings ( as always, ) some candy. Nick got money, ammo, and a shirt. Lexi got a farmer with a trailer that has animals in it, so cute, she also loves playing with that. We also got her some more books, I made her a quiet book, and she got some puzzles that I will have to do for her. We had a great time sledding with the new sled his parents got us and going for four wheeler rides. Then it was time to go back home for Nick to work. Friday night we didn't feel too good, lexi had diarrhea and I started throwing up, then Nick started throwing up and all day Saturday we were quarantined to our house with acheness, so my parents went to the store and got us some gatorade and yogurt for lexi, and we started to get a little better. We were suppose to open presents with my parents on Sunday but we didn't want to get anyone sick, so we waited until Monday to do that. So we went Monday Nick got a drill set, slippers, pjs, a new work shirt, a gift card to cabelas, a new black jacket, and an electric shaver.  I got new clothes, some cute grey hunter rain boots, pjs, and candy. Lexi got a cute pink jeep that she can push around, some books and toys for my parents house, the movie the little mermaid a new outfit some shoes and some pjs. Lets just say we were very spoiled this year. Then on the first of January we moved to Bluffdale, closer to his school, and finally I have the internet again and can update things and check up on people. O how my life is complete. Our apartment is so nice and after putting away boxes of stuff for three days, it is finally clean and feels like a home. We are right next to our close friends so we all have fun things to do.
Since we are now in 2014 I guess I should write down some goals that I would like to accomplish this year. I know typically the goal I always set is to lose weight and it still is, but I would only like to lose 20lbs before we start trying to have another baby, and actually that is a pretty hard one to set since I only have 5-6 months to lose it, but I can do it, yes I can. Another one would be I want to read the book of mormon. I would also add reading the Ensign every month and trying to keep up with what I am learning on this blog or in a journal. I guess that is all for now if I think of any more goals I will repost it on here.
I will try and get our pictures up, last time I tried to put them on the computer they would not even show up so I will keep trying.