Monday, May 12, 2014


So this last weekend was pretty crazy. For those of you who don't know my family traded their old boat in for a newer updated one, actually pretty nice looking. So Saturday my dad wanted to take it out for a test drive to get used to it since it is SO different from the last (not sarcastic.) This boat doesn't have a propeller it has two air things like a jetski. So you think well riding a jetski is a piece of cake, well I tell you it is no piece of cake by all means, this thing has so many different things you need to worry about controlling I couldn't believe it. While we were taking it out it wasn't too bad until we got out of the NO WAKE zone and started going fast, it just sounded so different. My anxiety kept getting worse, all I could think of was bad things, I couldn't help it. Then it stopped like really just turned off, so my dad turned it off and back on; it turned on, then we started heading back to the no wake zone. We were coasting a little bit and thats when the wind started blowing pretty bad, and off agian. I thought my heart stopped, we we're being blown by the wind right into the rock wall. We didn't have anything to help stop it, no control, so in order for us not to crash our new boat into the wall my sister had to jump in with her clothes still on (no bathingsuit on,) she couldn't hold it by herself so my brother jumped in from the back and helped stop it there. O MY GOSH if I wasn't already terrified from the sound it was making earlier. Luckily there was someone else that was coming in, and saw that we were having trouble and came to our rescue. They towed us to the dock, which was such a sweet thing to do, they were trying out their new boat too. After the longest probably 30 min. of my life we decided to pack it up and go home. O Boy was I glad that was over. Hopefully my dad will figure it out before our Lake Powell trip in a month!

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