Thursday, September 20, 2012

Finally another post

So i'm not going to redo everything that I had posted during the summer. Because one, it took forever, and two, I worked so hard to show everyone what we did over the summer and when I was almost done everything shut down and nothing was saved. Very disappointing! So i'm refusing to post any of it. If you want to see photos, go to my facebook.  But I thought since I am getting over being mad at my blog I thought I would update on what is going on in our life right now.

So I will start off by explaining to all you who didn't know, during this summer me and Nick went to Medford Oregon so Nick could work. He worked for a satellite company called Satton marketing and would go door to door trying to sale people better t.v.. While we were there I didn't work, call me lazy I know, I sat around, read lots of books, stayed by the pool and hung out with some friends. I wish I could tell you it was worth it. In short lots of drama, don't want to talk about it.  While we were in Oregon we got to see our little baby on the ultrasound and my stomach grew, resulting in me having to wear stretchy shirts and maternity pants yuck! NO but I do have to say they are the most comfortable things to wear, and BEST invention ever! We also got to find out the gender of our baby, If you don't already know we are having a little girl on Dec. 8th, and also if you didn't know that is my birthday. We are going to be naming her Lexi Day Johnson, we are so excited and very blessed to become parents.

When we finally got to come back to Utah we moved into Nicks cousins basement which is a wonderful place and a mansion compared to our last apartment. There are three rooms and a huge living room with a kitchen and a bathroom, it is so perfect for us and I really couldn't ask for more. Nick started Pharmacy school at Roseman University located in South Jordan, he is very busy and studying all of the time, but it is paying off, he is passing all his quizes and tests and is still getting some free time to spend with me. I know your thinking, what am I doing while he is at school and call me lazy again but I have looked for a job, no respose, so I am here in my house I clean, I have finished a baby car seat quilt, baby binki holders, and sandals, and a hat, and a headband, and starting to do a little scrapbooking. I go shopping for food when my mom can take me and have been trying to get all the information for medicade that I can. By the way, thee most rediculous process ever, I know we will be so greatful for it when we are on it, I just wish people would get back to us faster, it should not take a month to get all this information.  I also spend time on thursdays to go see my brother play football, this is his first year playing and he is not that bad. I enjoy being very close to my family, they help out a lot and give me company. 
Baby winter hat I made for Lexi

Headband I made

Binki holder

Baby sandals made out of an old T-shirt

Hardest but funnest to make, carseat/stroller quilt

Right now I am 28.6 weeks along in my pregancy. I absolutely LOVE being pregant, I love feeling her move around and I am slowly getting used to talking to her, I know she can hear me cause usually she starts to move when I sing or read to her.  I feel so blessed to be holding her and can't wait to see he beautiful face.  Nick loves to see my belly and touch it to feel her. He loves to talk to her as well, most of the time she starts to move when he does, and it's so awsome to see and feel.  Right now i'm not too scared about anything but i'm sure when it gets closer the my due date.  But for now I will just worry about where to put things in her room and what stuff we need before she comes.  Since I have written your ears off I guess I better put some pictures up to show what I look like.

26 weeks

28.5 weeks

So I also like to take pictures of the things I decide to try and make. I am going to try and post the things that I am making as well as things that I try from pintrest, because I know I like to see how things turn out from other people so I am deciding to do the same, so hopefull you will see more of what I am doing. 

This is from the LDS cookbook, it is called chinese chicken, or something like that. It was really messy but not too bad, don't know if I will make it again, but we did like it.

These taste as good as they look. They are just chocolate chip cookies, thanks to my good friend Kyla Cecil I am now good at making a cookie! These are to die for.

This is just a simple meatloaf recipe from the internet, it turned out really good, both of us liked it very much. I will definetly have to make this one again.

This is Zucchini bread that I found off of pintrest, really not bad just not Paulas so obviously not the best! But in all fairness it was the first time I have ever made it so i'm sure it can improve a lot.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Baby Johnson # 7 is on the way!!

On APriL 6th 2012 we took a trip to the store to get one test to make sure we were pregnant. We are so excited that this day had come and even though we were a little scared because of the big change, we were so ready.
My pregnancy has been soo great. I have never really gotton sick, no wierd cravings just really relaxing and so wonderful. The only thing that has been really different is I cant stand the smell of steak or the taste of it, which if you didn't know used to be my favorite thing to eat. Also I have been getting headaches every so often but other than that I have really loved this pregnancy. Nick better watch out, if all of my pregnancys are as great as this one we are going to be popping them out like crazy I can tell you that much. 

This is about 12-13 weeks first ultra sound.  We were so excited to finally see that there was actually something in my belly not just a positive pee test. Our little guy or girl was moving like crazy and turning around, just so amazing to see. Our midwife was super nice and told us a lot of good things to remember.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Things I've made

Crisp Bean Burritos, not too bad.

French toast, Wasn't our favorite, use thicker bread.

Parmasaen knots, our absolute favorite!! Easy and quick to make, totally worth it.

Peanut butter cookies, amazingly wonderful.

Home made fries with a hamburger. Surprise for Nick, he liked it:)

Breaded chicken with corn and mashed potatoes, Pretty good.

Found crafts that I love to do!!

Made these for my cousins wife.

Made for my nephew Aden.

Scarfs that a friend taught me how to make. Finger crocet, so easy and really fun to make, doesn't take too long to make either.