Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor day weekend

I was looking forward to this weekend for awhile, i think maybe because i needed a break from all of this studying and reading my brains out. Before all of this went down, my dad had to make things more complicated than they had to be, and got me really fustrated, but in the end it turned out perfect and there wasn't that much fighting like i had expected. My sister came with her friend and my brother with his. In total there were twenty two people in one huge cabin down at bear lake. There was plenty of things to keep us occupied for the whole trip, we had brought ourboatup,they had a boat as well as four wheelers. We just had a blast and i'm so glad my family decided to go. We were fed like kings and queens and more, we were very lucky to be there and it was extremely nice of them to buy us food and pay for the gas to move around in the A-TVs. The weather was great for the first two days to go boating, but monday was sucky and i decided not to get in, plus i was extremely sore from the night before. My brother and I including Amy and my brothers friend went four wheeling up the mountain and i had the wierdest feeling to check the gas but i didn't and sure enough while riding with Amy i heard this wierd sound and the sound was familiar, i told her to pull over just as she said i think were out of gas. She went with my brother back to the cabin to tell them the sad news, while me and Dani sat on the dead one watching the orange sun set and started to get cold. It had been at least half an hour and we were getting bored so we decided to push it up the 45degree hill that was full of dirt and rocks. By the time they came back, we were almost to the top of the hill and finally we went back to the cabin and got to eat. Now that is one lesson i learned over the break but also to love your family no matter what, i'm so glad i got to see them and am happy that they love me as much as i love them. I wouldn't exchange anything in the world for them.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

College Life

It's the first of the month again, i cant believe how fast this year has flown by. About sixteen days ago i moved down to the small town of Ephriam city Utah, where i am attending snow college. College life is so much different than i expected, it has its ups and downs, but for the most part i'm managing very well, and i quite enjoy it down here. I've already taken a math test, and i think i did very well, at least i sure hope so. Usually when you think you've done well it turns out to be the complete opposite, so i hope in this case i did well. There's not much to do down here so me and my roommates try to make the best out of everything, and just have fun. Some recent activities we have done are, hiking the big "S" on the mountain, go to a bon fire, and play numerous amounts of sports. Just this past week i've been sick so i've been a little lazy, but thats ok once in awhile right? I've had loads of studying and homework to do since school started, it's absolutely crazy! But since i didn't get a job down here, i have all the time in the world to study and get the good grades i need to pass my first year of college. Roommate drama, wow can i tell you how stupid fighting is, and not worth it. Well just in these past few weeks there has been an awful lot of drama between the four of us. Between boys, which sink to use, dishes, cleaning, and using straightners and beauty supplies, its a mad house. Although i have to say the four of us are doing very good compared to others i've heard about. Me and Whit are clean freaks, Am and Sar havn't really done many chores in there past 18yrs of life. So you can image how things go on around the apartment, i sometimes feel like i'm doing more than others, and i'm sure thats how the others feel as well. As for boys, well lets just say i dont think anything is going to happen within the next year for me, and thats ok, i think i just got my hopes up to high before i came down here. Whenever we hang out in a big group Sar is mainly the big attention grabber so all the guys flawk to her as if they were seagulls and she had the last piece of bread in the valley. It's wierd but i'm trying to get used to it, even though i'm kinda already because of my life before college. My sister is also the same way, guys just go to her and i dont exist, but either way both girls are extremly beautiful and deserve it. Labor day is coming up and all of us were invited to Whits cabin up at bear lake so were headed down there early saturday morning, all of our families were invited as well so i cant wait to see my dad and my siblings, my mom will not be able to come becuase of work but i will surely miss her. stay in tune for the next blog :)