Saturday, October 26, 2013

I'm really bad at this...its about time to update

9 Months old, so much fun, and I can finally put her hair up so exciting!!!

10 Months old, personality is totally showing, as you can see, hates the hat I made her, and just a week after she turned 10 months she took her first step, o boy we are in trouble, she is already into everything, I can only image how bad its going to get when she starts walking on her own. Because her hair is so blonde, and with her hat on Nick says she looks like a cancer patient, just to clear that up, she does not have cancer. 

I like to get creative sometimes so I made fudge for the first time. It is Chocolate oreo fudge, soooo yummy everyone in the Relief Society loved them. 

So once a month Nick has to bring a treat to Bishopbric meeting, and again I love trying new things, and since the brownies I made last month were such a hit I decided to make homemade butterfingers, they did not turn out how I expected them to, but they were sure delicious, and yet another hit!

O How I love Halloween. This year we did a party with our friends and I decorated just a little bit, most of the stuff was homemade, but what am I to do with not a big budget, they turned out great. 

We carved pumpkins with those who brought them, this is ours, we usually don't do one from the book, we are a little more creative, but we started so late that we were getting tired and our thinking caps only consisted of following the simple instructions of fold here and tape there and carve that! lol it was ok, it only lasted a week we had to through out the pumpkin the other day because it was so moldy on the bottom, the top was caving in. I guess we need to wait to carve them next year, wooops!

More decorations, The kids upstairs love them. I didn't take a picture of the staircase, but I cut out bats different sizes and taped them going up the stairs so it looks like they are flying out of a cave, so much fun!

I put spiders in the ice just to add a little more effect

These are our costumes, Nick really hates dressing up so I decided to find something really non-dressy and cheap. So we are going to be smores, ha ha Nick is the grahmcrackers, I am the Chocolate bar and lexi will be the marshmellow. Thank you pintrest, not everything I do on there is a fail. 

Am I seriously the only one who loves candy corn? This picture was taken after the party, and one week later they are gone, yup mostly by me, sadly. 

The spider deviled eggs were very yummy, a huge hit, but such a long process to make. I attempted to make jello worms and I was so excited but it was a total pintrest fail, I should have taken a picture, but I was so bummed that they didn't work that I just forgot and moved on, since I had so many other things I needed to make. 

These were the Nutella swirled Peanut butter chip blondies, so so so good, I wish they were not, lets just say I'm guilty of eating at least three.

A couple days later I made homemade corndogs, sooo yummy, crunchy just they way I love them.

We took fall Gee family pictures, so fun and they turned out alright, these are all raw Nicks computer doesn't have all my editing tools and I wanted them up now. Lexi was so interested in the leaves. It is so much fun watching her grow up I love it. 

Walking with dad picking up another leaf

Right after we let her hand go, almost got her standing on her own, not quite there yet. Not in a hurry either.

I would love to do this in black and white, this is cute too 

My parents just love her to death

Me and my sissy it is very rare we are together, so we like to get proof

So my family loves taking photos, if you havn't noticed I love taking pictures of everything but I would consider myself photogenic, Nick just isnt. But we tried getting one of him anyway

My favorite of me and my baby girl, just such a precious moment. 

Us girls are huge fans of taking pictures of our shoes, now lexi can join in in our shoe fetish. such a cute photo

I love the pictures where they don't know you are taking them, for some reason they turn out to be the best ones

Love the daddy daughter ones, she just adores Nick, loves it when she gets to play with him.

The boys in the family. Nick is the tallest in his family and also in my family. Aww bonding time, how cute!

This has to be my favorite picture out of all of them. This just sums up every bit of how my brother and sister are with her, and she just goes with the flow. They love her I know they do. 

So the other day Lexi was just playing with her toys and she came over to me and she had taken off her pants, and almost all of her shirt, so I just took that off too and she was just the happiest little baby crawling around so fast. She loves being naked whenever she can, it's her favorite. 

She just loves when daddy comes home. She is usually over playing in her books when Nick comes home and our door makes a creaking sound when it is open so as soon as she hears that noise she looks over, gives daddy a huge smile, starts to laugh and books it to the door, the cutest thing ever. Just love these too to pieces!

There you go I updated finally, I need to make it a goal to do this more often than every couple of months, now since we don't see our family as often as past years. til then