Saturday, June 1, 2013

Weight update!

So I know I haven't updated from the last post on my weight but that's because it has been going so slow. When I started I was 198 and right now I am 184, so yes I have lost weight but I really don't feel like it has gone anywhere. So I have decided to do something about it. Let me give you a little background on the situation. About a month ago my cousin Amy went to see a health coach and wrote my name down on the call list. So last week I finally went to go see her, her story was amazing and well need less to say I am starting the program today! It is called hearbalife and I will be substituting two of my meals for the shakes and in between meals I will be taking a protein drink and fruit with a snack defense pill that will help me not feel hungry all of the time. Because I seriously always think about food, and when I think about it I usually go and eat. I am really excited about it and maybe when I lose all the weight I want to (50lbs), I will become a health coach myself, maybe some of your health coaches! I can't wait to update next to tell you how everything is going.
P.s. I am not putting up pictures because they are really bad so you will get one when I am done
 Til then, farewell

These pictures are from when I first started, that's all your getting for now