Friday, March 20, 2015

O kids!

Every day I get up, feed Sean, feed Lexi and nick, then feed myself. Then I put Sean down for a nap, try to entertain Lexi, clean up after Lexi, get Lexi some food because she didn't eat what I gave her, put Lexi down get Sean up, feed him again, etc etc. 

It's so hard for me to take time for myself when I'm always trying to take care and keep my family happy. 

I don't always have my nails done, my hair is usually in a bun or pony, and I'm lucky if I get to do my heavier makeup routine. 

I love to be pampered, and every now and then I like to buy me some new things to make me feel better. 

Even though I've got chipped nails, minimal makeup on, and sweat on my forehead I wouldn't change it for anything. 

Being a mom has changed me, made me a better person, challenged me and shaped me into who I am. I know it's not over, far from seeing as we want 4 kids but I seriously can't wait to see who I am ten, twenty, fifty years from now. 

Don't believe those that tell you life was better without kids cause that's not true. Ya life was easier, we would have way more money saved, but it is so worth it.