Friday, July 6, 2012

Baby Johnson # 7 is on the way!!

On APriL 6th 2012 we took a trip to the store to get one test to make sure we were pregnant. We are so excited that this day had come and even though we were a little scared because of the big change, we were so ready.
My pregnancy has been soo great. I have never really gotton sick, no wierd cravings just really relaxing and so wonderful. The only thing that has been really different is I cant stand the smell of steak or the taste of it, which if you didn't know used to be my favorite thing to eat. Also I have been getting headaches every so often but other than that I have really loved this pregnancy. Nick better watch out, if all of my pregnancys are as great as this one we are going to be popping them out like crazy I can tell you that much. 

This is about 12-13 weeks first ultra sound.  We were so excited to finally see that there was actually something in my belly not just a positive pee test. Our little guy or girl was moving like crazy and turning around, just so amazing to see. Our midwife was super nice and told us a lot of good things to remember.