Saturday, August 17, 2013

I guess I need to update

Half a year already, Crazy! At 6 months she was sitting up on her own, babbling as usual smiling as usual and just such a happy girl.  

I just love this little girl, she is so cute and so much fun to watch learn and grow. 

7 months wow getting so big. She started to scoot crawl 

Such a precious little girl

8 wonderful months, so much fun. She is now crawling everwhere she says mamama, she is standing up on the furniture, plays with her toys, and when we gave her a baby doll she gave her a kiss. She is so much fun.

She is laughing all the time, clapping, waving, and always wanting our food. 

This is my absolute favorite, she is so dang cute!

I know I have been so lazy lately with getting my blog updated, so here it is real quick. 6,7,8 months have passed, our little girl is growing up. I am losing weight, I have lost 16.4lbs and 26 something inches, and I havn't done this week yet. I am so happy this is working and I feel better than ever. I am at the weight when I was dating Nick crazy! But even though I still have 20 moreish pounds to lose I am confident that I can do it! Nick is working all the time now since he got a job at Smiths and I just spend my time taking care of lexi and me. I really enjoy being a mom.