Saturday, January 4, 2014

I have internet again!!!!

It has been way too long and so much has happened. I don't have any pictures yet to put up but I will just let you know how we are doing. So Lexi and I are one year older, and spoiled to death. I got a 13-cup food processor and some black leather boots, Nick also got me my cello string so I could start playing again. A week later Lexi turned one (I can't believe it) she got a new coat and boots from my parents, tons of books from Nicks parents, I made her a quilt from us, and she got another book from friends, and a toy train that she just loves. A week later we went to Delta and had Christmas, I got a huge chopping block for my kitchen, with some oil to oil it down, and a shirt, cute earrings ( as always, ) some candy. Nick got money, ammo, and a shirt. Lexi got a farmer with a trailer that has animals in it, so cute, she also loves playing with that. We also got her some more books, I made her a quiet book, and she got some puzzles that I will have to do for her. We had a great time sledding with the new sled his parents got us and going for four wheeler rides. Then it was time to go back home for Nick to work. Friday night we didn't feel too good, lexi had diarrhea and I started throwing up, then Nick started throwing up and all day Saturday we were quarantined to our house with acheness, so my parents went to the store and got us some gatorade and yogurt for lexi, and we started to get a little better. We were suppose to open presents with my parents on Sunday but we didn't want to get anyone sick, so we waited until Monday to do that. So we went Monday Nick got a drill set, slippers, pjs, a new work shirt, a gift card to cabelas, a new black jacket, and an electric shaver.  I got new clothes, some cute grey hunter rain boots, pjs, and candy. Lexi got a cute pink jeep that she can push around, some books and toys for my parents house, the movie the little mermaid a new outfit some shoes and some pjs. Lets just say we were very spoiled this year. Then on the first of January we moved to Bluffdale, closer to his school, and finally I have the internet again and can update things and check up on people. O how my life is complete. Our apartment is so nice and after putting away boxes of stuff for three days, it is finally clean and feels like a home. We are right next to our close friends so we all have fun things to do.
Since we are now in 2014 I guess I should write down some goals that I would like to accomplish this year. I know typically the goal I always set is to lose weight and it still is, but I would only like to lose 20lbs before we start trying to have another baby, and actually that is a pretty hard one to set since I only have 5-6 months to lose it, but I can do it, yes I can. Another one would be I want to read the book of mormon. I would also add reading the Ensign every month and trying to keep up with what I am learning on this blog or in a journal. I guess that is all for now if I think of any more goals I will repost it on here.
I will try and get our pictures up, last time I tried to put them on the computer they would not even show up so I will keep trying.