Friday, April 29, 2011

One week left!!

I havn't written in awhile, mainly because these past few weeks i've been studying for finals.  This past week has truely been a hard one full of lots of stess.  The other day it finally came to move out of my apartment, something i've been waiting to do for a long time; year 2 down wahoo!  But for some reason they think that we need to clean insinde and out of our apartment to make it look brand new, but unfortunately for me because I had to study for my final and we had a big bon fire the night before, I was running late on my chores.  I woke up around 7am to study for my final, which started late and took me longer than I had planned.  So when I was done, I hurried and went home to start my chores, when I got there, I didn't even know where to begin and, let's just say I was really stressed.  Well thanks to my wonderful fiance he saw that I was stressed and on a very tight schedule becuase my second dress fitting was at five.  Nick helped me clean and get my stuff packed.  When we finally finished putting everything in the car, we relised that we needed to go get our marriage lisence, and both of us had to be there, so me and Nick hurried to the Manti court house to get it.  By the time we were done, we hurried back and started for home.  Rushing on the freeway we only got to the shop twenty min. late, not bad.  Lot's of stress but i'm glad that day was over.  I can't believe there is only one week left, it's gone by so fast, i'm so excited to marry my best friend!! This new update to my profile is thanks to my good friend Megan Bridges, thanks to her my profile looks desent:)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I can't believe there is only 34 more days!!!

I can't believe how fast this has come up. Three months have past by so quick. I swear we were just barely talking about how excited we were for spring break to get here and the time that we would be spending with our families. Here are just a few pictures of that:

Our fishing experience...we didn't catch anything but it was soooo much fun!!We won't say who almost fell in.

It was actually a very nice day...can you tell we are trying to soak in the sun :)

Sam is waiting to catch a fish while looking at the huge flawk of snow geese.

Date night with my friends from Salt Lake. Amanda and Patrick, Nikki and joey; and then me and Nick. We had a blast...yummy pizza.

Just on a walk with my mom and Juneau, great day.

School has been getting really hard and I guess thats normal for engaged couples but we are both trying to keep encouraging eachother to do our best and to never give up. Just last week I went with my girl friends up to Spanish Fork where they held the Holi festival which is a Hindu holiday welcoming the Spring. We had so much fun throwing chalk everywhere and taking pictures.
Me and Emily before we got covered.

Sarah, Emily, Me, and Amy...don't worry we drive safe.

So many people were there we could barely walk around.

Me, Lyssa, and Bre. We started early...oops

Right before we threw all the chalk, so many people.

Me, and Amy after the bomb hit. Right as we all threw the chalk in the air it was so pretty, all the colors and then it went black and you were getting pushed around by people who were dancing; by the way we were right in the mash pit, It was really hard to breathe and i'm pretty sure I inhaled a ton of chalk and I blew bright pick boogies the rest of the day.

Me and Emily after the war.

My tongue even turned purple from inhaling so much.

When I got home, right before I went to take a shower, I had to show Nick the afterpiece...he wouldn't kiss me :( lol I dont blame him, my face was caked with chalk. Nick had to study for a test or else he would have come with us. Next year for sure :)

These past few months have been so much fun, planning although really hard is so much fun, and just getting to know Nick more. I really can't wait to be married to him, to be Mrs. Johnson. Last night we had a little date and made Hawaiian pizza which happens to be a tradition that we have, every date night we usually make pizza. After we made pizza we went up to the mountain and gathered some wood and before we started the fire we went for a little hike to the top of the mountain where we could see the small town of Ephraim. We started a fire and Nick got it going pretty high which was good for me because I always get cold and it kept me warm.

Right before we started our hike.

At the top, you can see Wal-mart.

The start of our big fire.

He is the greatest!!!He is going to be a great husband, and I can't wait to marry him.

This wasn't last night but a couple of night before when we went for a walk in the rain, and as he kissed me I checked getting kissed in the rain off my list.