Sunday, December 11, 2011


Here it is, it was finished about a month ago, all that is left is the border and for it to be quilted, Yay!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

O my new hobby and how I love it!!

So I really wanted to try a quilting class this semester and when I signed up for it I was so excited to get started. However I did not know how much I would end up liking it and have fallen in love with doing it, and spend  a lot of time in the sewing lab working on it. 
This was my first square, and the second time I did it, the first time I tried it I did not do well at all, and had to fix it, but after I was done I was very pleased.

My second square which is still not done because I dont know how to lay them out so i'm waiting til the end to see how it will look in the quilt.

This one was a challenge and I messed up a couple of times but I guess it turned out pretty good.

This one is one of my favorites, it was fun to make too.

The bear claw, harder but really fun to make, sure takes some patience.

I really love this one, I took some time but it turned out well in the end.

My favorites, so easy to make and so much fun. I am making a lot more of these ones to go into the quilt.

This one I about died doing, I definetly needed more patience while doing this one, and to be honest dont know if i'm making it again.

Favorites!! so simple to do and I love love to do them, these are still not quite done yet and they will not be all together as a square.

I decided to put our last name in the quilt and found this wonderful print, the leaf didn't turn out as well as I hoped but I was very pleased overall.

I'm not done and will update as soon as I get more. If you could not tell the quilt has a theme and i've chosen cabin/woods. I'm very pleased with what I have done so far and can not wait to get it finished. 

We LOVE to CAMP!!!

We love to go camping, probably one of our favorite things to do together, it's so much fun and we have a greatest time together and eat wonderful fire-cooked meals. YUM!
When we were driving, we saw these two deer that I happened to get pictures of, such beautiful creatures.

This one did not want to look at me lol.

This is one of my favorite seasons because of the changing of the leaves which just amazes me at the wonderful colors.

My favorite Red.

Just look at how beautiful that mountain is.

Getting our camping stuff out.

Last time we camped I caught Nick over by the tree carving this, so cute!! I love him.

I always catch him with the greatest faces.

Our lovely tent.

Beautiful trees all around us.

A small meadow that we catch three deer at everytime we go there.

Nick scraping a piece of wood on a rock, trying to make the edges round, for his little fire starter.

Something so small can stand out so strong.

Nicks fire starter that he tried so hard to make work. He is such a hard worker, I love him.

Can you see the deer?... I couldn't either. They passed right behind us, and I had put my camera in the tent for some reason, and by the time I got it, they were gone.

Sanpete fair and the Day family reunion

Grandpa Johnson riding in the parade.

The HUGE bull that came through the parade.

Humming birds in the back the grandma Johnsons house.

The Rodeo and the rides in the background.

The bad bugs that were above us, there were so many, and they started to die and literally it was raining bugs on us, so gross.

A big beetle bug that fell in front of us.

Day Family Reunion 

A catipillar that we found near our car.

Watching the boys play horse shoes.

Trace watching Horse shoes.

He really wanted to play so I brought him over by the shoes and let him throw some.

The kids playing with the sand, they had a blast.

Trace wanting me to get in the water with him. Only my feet I say. As soon as I walked into the river my mouth dropped, I couldn't believe how cold the water was and they were in it like nothing, Its hard for me to believe I was a child and did the same things.

We were looking forward to these events and by the time they came, they left that quick and we were so disappointed that we had to go back to school, and missed our families already. Jennie did not come to the reunion because only a few days earlier she had little Aden which we were fortunate to go see and hold, he is the cutest thing and I wanted to stay and hold him for a long time, but we had to leave. 

What I short but great first summer together!!!

So I know this is like super late, but here it is anyways. Me and Nick did summer school and did great, I didn't really get any pictures of that which I wish I had but it went really good, both of us pulled off A's in all of our classes which means... 4.0's for both of us that semester. WooHoo! Here are a couple of things that we did during the summer.

Nicks old canoe that we took out sailing, 

We arrived at the river and started to put the canoe together.

The mosquitos were horrible, as you can see Brady nose and eyes are barely sticking out.

This is the boys trying to make sure their hand made sail would work. It was the second time we went sailing that Brady so kindly sunk us five times and mind I say one of those times was in this grassy little island that they thought if they went fast enought they would make it through...we didn't and I was in front while the spiders from the spider infested island were crawling all over me and I was bawling. Ha see if I go with Brady again lol.

Our trip to the doctors for my legs in Provo. Nick not wanting me to take a picture.

Two beautiful rainbows on a very rainy day.

Me and Nick being goofs.

Me and Nicks cute Saturday date. We went fourwheeling and spent some time with Grandma Johnson, and then went to the Manti pagent. We love fourwheeling.

My first time going to the pagent, so much fun, and very well done.

At the pagent, waiting about two hours...we thought we wouldn't have a seat.

Rained so much it was flooding the sidewalks.

Fourth of July weekend. Nick talking Emery and Kaven around the back yard. He is going to be a good daddy someday.

My cute niece and nephew, Emery and Kaven.

Cute little Kaven just chilling the the front yard.

Nick taking his brother Tim on a fun little ride. He also took me and I was very scared because I thought we were going to tip over.

Watching Paula sing in the program.

Kaven trying to grab the camera, such a cute little guy.

Emery with her sparkler, the kids loved these.

Our little firework show, the neighbors were so excited!

Me and Kaven sitting waiting for the parade to start.

Nick with the kids.

The jets that pass over before the parade starts, so cool.

Nick and his best friend Sam. We went to the derby for the fourth of July.

At the Derby, so much fun. Last time you will see those glasses, they broke later that night, my favorite pair.

I caught this picture just in time, everyone thought this was awsome and I like the guys fist perfect emotion.

Nick cooking our stakes, which were not too bad.

My attempt at making something good.

Our room, small but cosy.

Our very small kitchen, very cute and homey.

Nick doing the dishes, he is such a good husband.

Our small food supply, you got to love being in college and married. By the way that food did not last too long after this picture. I didn't know how much Nick ate.

Our big living room. That picture of the Manti Temple was given to us by Nick's old roommate and it is all dots.

The Johnson sign was given to us by Nick's cousin Demry, she is very good, all of the letters are pictures from the farm and around Grandmas house. 

Those frames still dont have pictures in them...havn't even looked at pictures to fill them with...guilty.

My lovely shelves of cute things.

YUCK!!!! Me Nick and Brady were driving and went right over this spider, when we recognized that it was a triantula( if thats how you spell it) we turned around and Brady got out to take a picture. So gross, I hate spiders.

Spending some time with Nicks oldest brother Brett and Jennie and their cute kids Sadie and Trace. I love and miss them.


So trace.

We went to the man made beach in Sanish Fork. We had a lot of fun, Nick and Brady did not catch anything, Brady well lets just say the lake caught him, I will not say more than that.


Nick sitting in the boat.

My little brother Nathan, getting ready to get out on the water and show us his tricks.

Nick out on the wakeboard, I think this was right before he face planted it bad. What a handsome man I have.