Friday, April 25, 2014

New singers worth listening to

This is a little new for me, but I have listened to a few new people that I am LOVING! I would like to share them. 

First is Lucy Hale, ok so not only is she a talented actress but she has a beautiful voice, I will link her video.

Second is Jamie spears. So we all know her older sister Britney, she is well known for pop music, but Jamie has come out with country OMG actually she is really good, course I love any country music but I really mean it she is great!

Third Cassadee Pope. Any of you that have watched the voice know Cassadee she was I think the 3rd seasons winner. I loved her on the show and most of her songs are my favorite.

Fourth is Danielle Bradberry. Also a Voice winner the season after Cassadee and I just love her voice so genuine country I will be listening to her for a long time.

Fifth is Madilyn Bailey. She is so good guys, she sings all the popular songs but usually a lot softer and mostly acousticly which I just love! 

These next ones are youtube singers that sound amazing, I'm always trying to find good music to listen to, for the most part I like listening to everything. 
Alyssa Bernal
Max Schnieder
Boyce  Avenue
Tyler Ward
Sara Niemietz
Michelle Montezeri
Megan Nicole
Alex Goot
Kinna Grannis
Sam Tsui
Christina Grimmie 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Like cheap but stuff that really works?

DIY products that i love.
So I have been trying some diy stuff laity because who has the money to go and buy it? I surely don't.

So fist thing is dry shampoo.

I mixed
1/2 C cocoa powder
2T corn starch
few drops of essential oil (I used peppermint)

Seriously this smells like a york peppermint patty, and it works! This is also a mix for darker hair since I have dark auburn hair it only makes sense. I think it's baby powder instead of cocoa powder for lighter hair. I put this mix into a saved sour cream plastic tub, I put it onto my hair with an old bronzer brush, works like a charm.

Second thing is Beach waves

3t. any type of gel, I used some cheap kind
3t. sea salt
1/2 t. coconut oil
1C water I used hot water to help melt the oil

Mix/shake good in a bottle, I started out in a bowl then transfered it into a mason jar. I put it into a little spray bottle but I suggest getting a bigger one. spray onto either dry or damp hair and tada beachy waves.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Letting you know

So I've decided that life without a computer is not bad, just sad. My computer died on me and the only one we have is Nicks and Nick is gone all the time either work school or ya that's about it but it is all the time. Nick's computer does not upload my photos and he hates when I download things on his computer so I have no editing tools to edit my photos, hence no photos in a really really long time. It also makes me not want to blog cause blogs are not the much fun to read if there are no photos to go with it. However I am going to start blogging about everything, without photos so bare with me, I will try and keep them sweet and short. I am hoping to get a tablet this year for my Birthday/Christmas.

Update of our life: So Lexi is 16 months old on the 15th, I seriously can't tell you how crazy fast that went by, I feel like I blinked and now she is just so old. I love the stage she is in right now, learning so much, personality in full bloom. Nick is almost done with his second and hardest year of pharmacy school, he is doing wonderfully, but I can see the stress it has on him, which is why I am glad its almost over. The third and last year is just rotations so it should be a breeze. As for me I am still LOVING being a mommy and staying home. I have really gotten into makeup and beauty laity so I spend a lot of time looking at reviews on makeup and what kind is the best to get, I absolutely love it and once I get a computer of my own and can upload photos I will start taking pictures and possibly doing tutorials if people are interested. Nick always makes fun of me saying I am always changing what I am interested in, and while that is true I don't really lose interest in the other things, I just like to dabble into everything and want to be able to do everything! I do get bored of things that's probably why I change it up so much.

Things coming up, well we are going to Delta this coming weekend and seriously I couldn't be happier. Last time we went it was for Christmas, I know I know why you ask has it been so long? Well Nick works all weekend so there really has been NO time at all to go, that's why we are so so so excited I might blow up. And it's Easter, yay for Easter things. Mothers day is also coming up Nick got me some way cute shoes, and some clothes that I desperately needed.

Today I am making Hawaiian pork chops with brown rice, peas and a roll. I wish I could put a picture up they look and smell so yummy.

Let me know if you are interested in me putting up pictures or tutorials of my makeup. Til next time