Friday, April 25, 2014

New singers worth listening to

This is a little new for me, but I have listened to a few new people that I am LOVING! I would like to share them. 

First is Lucy Hale, ok so not only is she a talented actress but she has a beautiful voice, I will link her video.

Second is Jamie spears. So we all know her older sister Britney, she is well known for pop music, but Jamie has come out with country OMG actually she is really good, course I love any country music but I really mean it she is great!

Third Cassadee Pope. Any of you that have watched the voice know Cassadee she was I think the 3rd seasons winner. I loved her on the show and most of her songs are my favorite.

Fourth is Danielle Bradberry. Also a Voice winner the season after Cassadee and I just love her voice so genuine country I will be listening to her for a long time.

Fifth is Madilyn Bailey. She is so good guys, she sings all the popular songs but usually a lot softer and mostly acousticly which I just love! 

These next ones are youtube singers that sound amazing, I'm always trying to find good music to listen to, for the most part I like listening to everything. 
Alyssa Bernal
Max Schnieder
Boyce  Avenue
Tyler Ward
Sara Niemietz
Michelle Montezeri
Megan Nicole
Alex Goot
Kinna Grannis
Sam Tsui
Christina Grimmie 

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